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May 14, 2024 01:57 PM
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Restaurant Tracking Tool Notion Template

🍴 Are you tired of scattered sticky notes and cluttered calendars for tracking your restaurant reservations? Upgrade your restaurant game with our all-in-one Restaurant Tracking Tool Notion Template!

Effortlessly Track Reservations 📆

Our template makes it easy to keep all your reservations in one convenient place with our calendar feature. Never double-book or miss a reservation again!

Discover New Restaurants 🗺️

Create your own map using Google Maps instructions and discover new dining options.

Rate and Categorize Restaurants 🌟

Rate and categorize restaurants based on food type, price, value for money, location, and restaurant style. Get a comprehensive overview of all your dining options at your fingertips!

Locate Restaurants on Google Maps 📍

Locate restaurants on a map with all the benefits included: directions, reservations, real-time information, and more.

Best Restaurants View 🏆

See your top refined visited restaurants in one glance.

Buy Now

Upgrade your dining experience and try our all-in-one restaurant tracking tool today! Your taste buds (and your organizational skills) will thank you.

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Ferran Buireu