Affiliate link setup

If you’re looking to submit a paid product on, you have to add us as an affiliate. This means we’ll get 25% of each sale. With a Gumroad affiliate link, you’ll automatically be deducted the 25% fee of each purchase made through our website.

In order to add us as an affiliate, you need to go to Gumroad, click on your name and hit “Affiliates”.
notion image
Next, you click on “Add affiliate” in the top right corner.
notion image
Fill out the affiliate form as seen below. Make sure you add “[email protected]” in the e-mail section. Pick your product. Set affiliate fee to 25% and hit “Add affiliate”.
notion image
From there, you find the product and hit “Copy link” and paste that link into the “Gumroad affiliate link” in the submission form. If you need help, please e-mail to [email protected]