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Jan 13, 2023 02:33 AM
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Simple Home - The Easiest Way to Organize Your Life! 🏡

Sick of complicated Notion templates that only frustrate you? Want a simple way to track your habits, goals, and tasks without the hassle? Look no further than Simple Home! 😄

What is Simple Home? 💯

It's a simple Notion template designed to help you master your daily life. With only one calendar database and helpful pages, Simple Home helps you build positive habits, achieve your goals, and become a better person - all through an easy-to-use system.

Who is Simple Home for? 📈

  • Beginners who want an easy introduction to Notion
  • Anyone who wants to simplify their life and increase productivity
  • People committed to constant self-improvement and growth

What's included? 📝

  • Habit tracker to build positive habits
  • Goal pages to set and achieve your goals
  • Daily routine for a productive day
  • Space for ideas, notes, movies, books, and more!
  • Easy calendar overview of events and tasks

Why choose Simple Home? 🔍

  • Simplicity - Focus on what matters rather than dealing with a complicated system
  • Effectiveness - Build good habits and achieve your goals through proven methods
  • Customizable - Adjust the template to match your needs and preferences
  • Affordability - Simple Home is completely free to use! 🤩

Interested in a simple, effective way to organize your life and become your best self? Try Simple Home today! 👉

Buy now!

Severin Schuetz

Written by

Severin Schuetz

Notion Template Creator.