The Ultimate Home Chef Dashboard for Notion (3-in-1 Bundle)
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Jan 14, 2023 01:02 AM
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The Ultimate Home Chef Dashboard for Notion 🍳📝🛒

Are you tired of juggling multiple apps and notebooks to keep your home cooking organized? Look no further than The Ultimate Home Chef Dashboard for Notion! This all-in-one dashboard template includes a Recipe Manager, Grocery Tracker, and Meal Planner to streamline your home cooking.

Recipe Manager 🍱

  • Full-fledged recipe planner with 15+ pre-set views to automatically filter recipes by category
  • Track recipes by cook time, pre-built tags, status, ingredients stocked, calories, and more
  • Unique "Ready to Make" feature automatically suggests recipes with ingredients you have on hand!

Grocery & Inventory Tracker 🥕

  • More than a grocery list – doubles as a full inventory for your kitchen
  • Mobile-friendly list for taking to the store
  • Full pre-set grocery store categories to tag for quicker and more efficient shopping
  • Filtered lists by what you need to buy and what you have stocked, as well as essential and one-off items

Meal Planner 🍽️

  • Pick out your meals per day or week from your already-populated Recipe Book to easily map out your meal plan
  • Reflect on how what you eat affects how you feel
  • Automatic metrics pulled in from the Recipe Book, such as total cook times and total calories for the day
  • Automatic calendar view to see your meals in multiple weeks or months
With helpful tooltips throughout, The Ultimate Home Chef Dashboard for Notion is the perfect solution for centralizing your home cooking.
Buy Now and start cooking with ease today!

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