Visual Classroom Timetable/Schedule Display
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Mar 6, 2023 05:33 PM
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Visual Classroom Timetable/Schedule Display

🎨 A colorful visual classroom schedule your students will love! 😍


  • 📅 Helps students stay on track and know what to expect each day
  • 🖍️ Customize the icons and text to match your classroom style
  • 🖼️ Display on your wall or use magnets for easy rearranging on whiteboards

Product Description

Includes 15 customizable subject icons to prepare your students for each day. Perfect for displaying on your classroom wall or attaching magnets to your whiteboard, this visually-pleasing daily timetable will keep your students organized and on schedule.

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Buy now and give your students the gift of organization and structure. Your students will thrive with this colorful schedule display - grab yours today!