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Student Tracker

📓 Keep track of your schedule and notes with ease

Are you tired of struggling to manage your schedule and notes as a student? Look no further than the Student Tracker template created by Nilesh Gelani. This template is designed to be simple yet effective, with four organized sections to keep you on track:

📚 Subjects

Add or remove subjects with ease, without needing to update any other columns.

📝 Class Notes

Organize your notes with columns for read status, note title, subject, note content, note type, and URL.

📅 Class Tasks

Track your tasks with columns for task title, due date, subject, and completion status.

🏠 Homepage

View your schedule, task status, and subjects gallery all in one place.

🚀 Ready to simplify your student life?

Download the Student Tracker template now and open it directly in Notion. Nilesh Gelani will continue to improve the template based on user feedback, so you can be sure you're always getting the best experience possible.

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Nilesh Gelani