Notion Template for University Assignment Tracking
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Notion Template for University Assignment Tracking

💯 Stop Stressing Over Deadlines With This Customizable Uni Tracker Template 💯

What will this template do for you?
  • 👀 Provide a timeline view to see all deadlines at a glance
  • 🤓 Keep assignments organized into Kanban boards for each module and semester
  • 📚 Group work by academic year for maximum productivity
Designed specifically for university students, this template helps stay on top of all deadlines and assignments with ease. Never miss another deadline again!
Put a stop to endless deadline-chasing with this customizable template, specifically geared towards university students. It comes packed with a University Assignment Tracker and a timeline view for easy visualization of all deadlines. The Kanban boards and grouping options let you organize all your modules, semesters, and academic years.
Buy now and say goodbye to deadline stress for good!
Yassen Shopov

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Yassen Shopov