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Notion Student's Index

📝 Optimize your note-making with scientific methods 🧪

Want to 10x your productivity? 🚀 Turbocharge your learning? 🧠 Retain more of what you read? 📚
This Notion template helps you build an optimized note-making system using proven memory techniques. 💯

What's Inside 👀

🗒️ Planner

📖 Notes Index

📅 Learner's Index (Table/Calendar)

⏰ Spaced-Repetition(Table/Calendar)

📆 GCal Viewer

With 5 powerful components, you'll be able to organize your notes, track your learning, and review information at the perfect intervals for maximum retention. 🤯 All in one place. All for free. 💸

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Product description: Optimize your note-making with scientific methods.

Written by

Atul Anand