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Ultimate Blog Manager - The Only System You Need to Manage Your Blog and Newsletter

📚 Keyword Database

Do your keyword research with ease and delegate keywords to specific blog posts.

📝 Blog Post

Manage all your blog posts, including category, status, cover, and publishing date. Includes a checklist for each blog post.

🤝 Guest Posting

Grow your blog with guest posting on other websites. Manage all your guest posting sites and guest post content.
Track all your backlinks, including whether they're nofollow or dofollow and whether the links are broken or not.

🎁 Lead Magnet

Build your email list by offering lead magnets. Manage all your lead magnets with ease.

💰 Affiliates

Manage all your affiliate networks, including links and dashboard links. Keep track of commissions, sales, and revenues on a monthly basis.

📈 Ad Networks

Manage all your ad networks and keep a track of your CPC, CTR, and more on a monthly basis.

📩 Newsletter

Publish articles for your newsletter regularly. Manage your newsletter articles and gain insights such as email deliveries, opens, and open rates.

💵 Finance Tracker

Track your income and expenses related to your blog. Use it as your personal finance tracker too.

🎯 Goal Tracker

Track your goals related to your blog.

📅 All Tasks

Never forget to share your blog or update the website again. Add your tasks and due date to the task manager.

🛠️ Toolkit

Keep a record of all the tools required to run your blog.
Who will benefit from this?
  • Anyone who finds it difficult to manage their blog
  • Professional bloggers who want a better workflow
  • Someone who wants to start their personal blog

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Soham Sarkar

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Soham Sarkar