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Notion Blogs Tracker + Blog Page 📝🚀

Boost Your Blogging Productivity Today 🚀

Effortlessly write, edit, track, and share your essays with Notion Blogs Tracker.
🎯 Key Benefits:
  • All your tools in one place: brainstorm, write, edit, track stats, and share
  • Stay organized: see all your essay ideas, drafts, and published posts in one spot.
  • Save time: automatic stats tracking, word count, and timers help you write more in less time.
  • Share with ease: connect your Twitter and tweet new posts right from the app.
💡 Awesome Features:
  • Essay brainstorming and writing area
  • In-app timers and word count tracker
  • Stats on essays written, average time, and words
  • Connect to Twitter for easy sharing
  • New! Random quote generator for inspiration
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Drawback: Twitter integration only available on Notion's browser version.
Product description: Ship your Blogs effectively. Make the process of writing, editing, tracking, and sharing your ship30for30 essays less distracting, more effective, and all in one place.

Written by

Atul Anand