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Website Notion Suite 🚀🚀Website built on notion.🚀🚀 Total sales: 240+ 🚀🚀Grab your website template now !
We all seek identity in the digital world and having our website helps to build that identity strong. I have created this template to make your presence and work strong and more organized without getting into coding languages.This template will help create and manage multiple websites without consuming your valuable time."Making a great website takes time, well there is always the first time."
What's Included: Website Structure Website follows standardised website structure throughout the template. • Header Menu • Component body • Footers
Website Pages All available pages on Notion website template and its content. Main Pages
  1. Home: This page is main page that opens up when user visit website. It contains all necessary components at glance including text paragraphs, cards, blogs, portfolio, client logos, skill status bars, contact links, News letter subscription and many more.
  1. About: This page contains all information regarding website owner i.e. Freelancer / Agency. This page includes paragraph, owner information tabs, CV , cards components, skillset cards / what you do and contact information.
  1. Portfolio: This page contains information and case study of recent client works to showcase portfolio. This page includes Text paragraph, Recent work cards, Project page, Clients and contact information.
  1. Blogs: This page is blog section dedicated to website blogs. This page includes Text paragraph, Blog cards, Blog page, Newsletter subscription form, and contact information.
  1. Contact: This page is dedicated to contact information of website owner i.e. Freelancer / Agency. It includes Get in touch form , contact information and address map. Additional Pages
  1. Blog Page: Blog page with sample blog sections to use as a blog.
  1. Project Page: Sample project page with well designed project page components.
  1. Curriculum vitae: CV template designed for Notion with minimalistic approach. Guides Included:
  1. Website setup guide
  1. Custom domain setup guide
  1. Website toolkit guide

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Deepak yadav