Student Hub (Notion Template)


Student Hub (Notion Template)
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Student Hub (Notion Template)

🎉 All Your Schoolwork in One Place! 🎉

🚀 What's Included:

  • 🗓 Monthly and weekly calendars • ⏱ Testing calendar • 📝 Task manager • 📅 Today page • 📚 Course schedule, pages and notebooks • 📋 Assignments page • 🔖 Bookmarks page • 💡 30+ student resources

🤔 What Can You Do?

  • 👀 Keep track of due dates and test dates • ⏰ Schedule tasks and reminders • 📝 Take notes in digital course notebooks • 📂 Save files and assignments in course folders • 🔖 Bookmark helpful websites, articles, photos and videos
Student Hub helps you master time management and crush your classes. 💪 Stay focused and achieve your goals with this all-in-one student dashboard. 🎓

Get organized with Student Hub

Organize your student life all in one interactive dashboard! Student Hub includes monthly and weekly calendar, testing calendar, task manager, today page, course schedule, course pages and notebooks, assignments page, bookmarks page, and 30+ student resources. Keep track of due dates and exam dates, schedule tasks and reminders, take notes in course notebooks, save files and assignment in course folders, and bookmark websites, articles, photos, and videos.

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