Stoic Life OS
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May 14, 2024 01:57 PM
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Stoic Life OS

💻 Manage your entire life as a Stoic from one place, digitally.
😊 A complete stoic Notion workspace/operating system to manage your entire life, with more than 25+ templates inside, all designed to make your life easier.

What's inside?

🏋️‍♂️ Lifestyle

  • Workout/Stretches
  • Save different workouts or stretches to your database

📈 Routines/Habits

  • Track habits and stay on top of routines, simplified

🥗 Meal Plan

  • Plan meals effectively, intuitively, and simply.

🏡 Home Improvement

  • Prioritize and pick your need to have/nice to have.

📝 Growth

  • Daily Reflection Journal
  • Morning and evening reflection templates.
  • Personal Manifesto
  • Write a statement to live by and then live by it.
  • Long Term Goals
  • Create your life vision and long term goals
  • Goal Action Plan
  • Break down goals into actionable steps

✅ Planning

  • To-Do List
  • Prioritize tasks and organize them in the calendar
  • Calendar
  • Organize your days, and plan tasks and events.
  • Cleaning
  • Manage your cleaning schedule in one place
  • Wishlist
  • Prioritize purchases from your wishlist

🗒️ Tools

  • Quick Notes
  • Manage your quick notes from one place
  • Social Accounts
  • Manage your social accounts from one place

🌎 Vocabulary

  • Collect and learn your 2nd language words

🥬 Groceries

  • Keep track of grocery receipts and spending

📚 What else?

  • Wiki
  • Learn from the pre-filled info on stoicism, vitamins & nootropics, and even add your own knowledge sections.
  • Library
  • Keep track of books you have and how far you've read. Review your favorite books and some add some to the wishlist.
  • Database
  • Fill your database with recipes, quotes, principles, movies and ideas. Or customize them and add your own categories.

Buy now

Buy now to get started with Stoic Life OS, the complete stoic Notion workspace/operating system to manage your entire life, for only $25.

We help you organize knowledge, so you can lead with wisdom.

Want help leading with wisdom? We offer bespoke and templatized strategy and implementation.

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