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Monthly Planner - Plan and Track Your Month

📅👀 Having trouble staying organized and on top of tasks each month? The Monthly Planner is here to help! With a collection of digital and printable planners, this tool is designed to help you plan and track your month in Notion.

How it Works

🌟 Choose a monthly theme with new goals and challenges.
📱 Decide whether you want to use the digital or printable version.
🎯 Include your monthly goals, secondary goals, and calendar.

What's Included

✅ Monthly goals to keep you focused.
✅ Secondary goals for balance.
📆 Printable calendar so you'll never miss an appointment again!


Does it work with a free Notion account?

👍 Absolutely! Just duplicate the theme from the link after purchase.

How do I download the template?

📲 It's super easy. Just open the template link and click "Duplicate" in the top right corner. On mobile, click the 3 dots menu.

Buy Now

🎉 Stop struggling to keep your life in order and start planning your days with ease. The Monthly Planner is the perfect tool to help you achieve more and stress less. Grab your copy today for only $0!
Buy Now to start planning your month like a pro!

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