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May 14, 2024 01:57 PM
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Trip Planner – Your Itinerary in One Place A trip planner so good you’ll never travel without it again! 😃
Now add, organize and map your itineraries in a notion template designed for vacations, road trips, and more. Whether it’s a local trip alone, a family holiday, or a getaway with your friends, this trip planner is all you’ll need to get things sorted. 😎 What can it help with?
From adding a trip 📝 to creating dream tips 💭 to mapping out your entire day, is there anything it can’t help with? Take a look:
  • The Perfect Dream Trip: After you’ve decided on the country/city to visit, you can easily set up the destination in the template to keep it separate and organized from other trips you’ve taken. 🗺️
  • Share with Friends: Share your plan for the entire trip – sunsets to see, beaches to unwind on, funfairs to attend, narrow streets to explore, food to eat – so everyone in the group knows what’s coming next. 👫
  • Planning Your Visits: You can now plan your visits by day, meaning each day can be mapped out within the same category for keeping things neat. 📅
  • Calculate Expenses: Whether you’re trying to sketch things out beforehand or continue to do so during the trip, the expenses calculator is a fine addition that’ll help you keep track of your expenses. 💰
  • Checklist of Items: Forgot your good ‘ol fur jacket on your trip to the North the last time? Never again. The checklist option allows you to write any and every item or document you should bring along. ✅
What’s more? You can save all your web searches with a chrome extension and seamlessly link to your trip for easy access. 🌏
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