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Jan 11, 2023 04:54 PM
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Monthly Planner

📆 Plan Your Month The Best Way Possible In A Ready-To-Use Notion Template

💪 Bring structure into your life by reminding you of important tasks that you write in the calendar. You can ✅ track tasks, 🎯 manage your monthly goals and ✔️ track your daily habits.

What do I get?

  • A ready template to plan your month
  • Track Your Monthly Tasks
  • Track Your Monthly Goals
  • Track Your Daily Tasks
  • Reflect Your Month

Why so simple?

You might be wondering why the template is so simple. I'll give you an answer: Why should it be complicated, when it can be simple? Because of the simplicity, you have fewer errors in the system, you can work faster and you are not confused by unnecessary features.

Buy now

Get organized and stay on top of your tasks with this Monthly Planner Notion template. Plan your month, track your goals, and reflect on your progress. The simplicity of the template means fewer errors, faster work, and no confusion. Buy now and start planning your month the best way possible!
Severin Schuetz

Written by

Severin Schuetz

Notion Template Creator.