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Notion Journal - The Ultimate Digital Journaling Experience! 📝

🤩 What's Included? 🤩

  • 🏠 All-in-one Dashboard: Easy-to-use and fully customizable
  • 📔 Multiple Journals: Create unlimited journals for different entries
  • 📅 Calendar View: View all entries across journals on an intuitive calendar
  • ⭐️ Favorites View: Add your favorite journal entry to a special section
  • 📆 On This Day: See journal entries from previous years on the same date
  • 🔍 Advanced Search & Filter: Find journal entries by keyword or date
  • ➕ Embed Widgets: View event countdowns, life progress bars, weather and more on your dashboard
🎁 Bonus: You also get 10 journal templates to get started! 🎁
  1. Gratitude Prompts
  1. Morning Pages
  1. Eat The Frog
  1. Fitness Prompts
  1. Wellness Prompts
  1. Travel Prompts
  1. Goals Prompts
  1. Student Prompts
  1. Reading Prompts
  1. Relationship Prompts

💡 Why Notion Journal? 💡

Notion Journal makes it easy and fun to start journaling and reflecting on the things that matter most to you. From daily gratitude to achieving your long-term goals, our template has everything you need to begin journaling and tracking your progress. Plus, with the flexibility of Notion, you can customize the template to fit your unique needs and personal style.

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