Year in Review (Notion Template)


Year in Review (Notion Template)
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Jan 14, 2023 01:15 PM
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Year in Review: Reflect on Your Amazing Year! 💫

🎉 Highlights 🥳

Celebrate your biggest wins and milestones!

📚 Favorites 🎬📚🎵

List your favorite books, movies, songs, and hobbies.

🌍 World Events 📰

See how the world changed with news headlines and events.

📸 Visual Timeline 🖼️

Organize 12 months of photos into a visual timeline.

📈 Self-Assessment 🤔

Rate your happiness, productivity, relationships, and health.
Gain perspective and gratitude for how far you've come with this easy-to-use template. Use it to build better habits and set new goals for the year ahead!

Year in Review - The Best of 2023!

Reflect on an amazing year with this template. The product description is simple: "Reflect on your life over the past year." What are you waiting for? Start your 2023 year in review today!

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and gain an easy-to-use template to reflect on your amazing year!

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