Stoic Bundle
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May 14, 2024 01:57 PM
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Stoic Bundle

🧘‍♂️📓⏳🌅 A bundle of Stoic Notion templates to help you live a more virtuous life.

What's included?

💻 Stoic Life OS - A complete system with 25+ templates to simplify your life.
📓 Stoic Life Journal - Unlimited journal pages in a beautiful workspace. Includes weekly prompts & a “My Phrases” section based on ancient Stoic teachings.
Stoic Life Calendar - A digital “Stoic Calendar” to remind you each week how little time you have left.
🌅 Stoic Mornings - A morning routine template to help you gain insight & clarity by waking up like a Stoic.

How does it work?

Buy the templates separately or get the bundle to receive the Stoic Life OS with the journal, calendar & morning routine integrated. You'll save $39!

Does this work with a free Notion account?

Yes! Just duplicate the journal after purchasing.

Can I share this with anyone else?

No, this product has a personal license.

Buy Now

A bundle of Stoic Notion templates created to help dedicated Stoics live a more virtuous life. You'll receive the complete Stoic Life Operating System including a Stoic dashboard as well as more than +25 different templates designed for an easier life. The Stoic Life Journal includes unlimited journal pages integrated into a beautiful workspace with a "My phrases" section, weekly journaling as well as five different Stoic writing prompts based on ancient Stoic teachings. The Stoic Life Calendar is a digital version of the popular "Stoic Calendar" that's crossed off weekly to remind yourself of how little time you have left. The Stoic Mornings is a morning routine template made to bring more insight and clarity to your life by waking up like a Stoic.
Buy now and start your journey towards living a more virtuous life.

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