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Jan 12, 2023 08:09 PM
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Online Course Creator Hub

🎓 Plan and Manage All Your Online Training Courses In a Single Notion Dashboard 🤓

Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge through online courses? 🤔 Do you use Notion for planning but struggle with developing and managing your courses? 📚 Then the Online Course Creator Hub is perfect for you! 🎉
With the Online Course Creator Hub, you can easily manage all of your online courses in one dashboard. 🏗️ Review published courses regularly to maintain high-quality content. ⭐ Save time in the planning phase by using predefined templates for course development and lesson planning. ⏰ Keep track of tasks to maintain course development progress. ✅ And manage resources in the same place as your course development plans. 📂

What's included:

  • Course development template for planning and developing your course 📝 • Integrated databases for managing courses, modules, and lessons 💾 • Lesson Planning template for preparing individual lessons 📋 • Identify when courses are due for a review 📅 • Manage tasks and keep on top of what needs doing ✔️ • Assign instructors to courses 👨‍🏫 • Keep track of where your content is uploaded to 🔗

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