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Jan 12, 2023 02:33 AM
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Notion Finance Tracker

💰 The ultimate finance dashboard

Get organized with all your finances in one place.

🤑 Why choose Notion Finance Tracker?

Notion is accessible on every platform, with customizable layouts and a range of components including board view, gallery view, table view and more. With advanced filters, sorting, and search functions, Notion provides a powerful database to monitor years of financial data with no recurring fees.

💳 Key features

  • See account balances at a glance
  • Generate monthly reports in seconds
  • Transfer funds between accounts instantly
  • Stay on top of financial goals
  • Set budgets and get alerts if you go over
  • Monthly overview of expenses and income
  • Track income, expenses, and subscriptions

🌟 Freedom to focus on what matters

Save time. Gain clarity. Make smarter money moves.

🚀 Buy Now

Buy now for just $39.

Product Description

Juggling your finances can feel like a full-time job. Our Notion solution makes it easy to manage all your finances in one place. Stacking up with advanced filter, sort, and search functions, Notion provides a powerful database to track years of financial data without paying any recurring fees.

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