Notion Ultimate Subscription Manager


Notion Ultimate Subscription Manager
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Notion Ultimate Subscription Manager

🔍 Keep track of your subscriptions, get reminders before renewal, see a timeline for your subscriptions, and convert currency to your desired currency.

What's Inside?

🔸 Subscription tracker: See all your subscriptions in one place. Get renewal reminders so you never miss a payment!
🔸 Timeline view: See your subscriptions laid out on a timeline. Know exactly when each subscription renews and how much you're paying.
🔸 Currency converter: Convert the cost of any subscription to your home currency. See exactly how much you're paying in a currency you understand.
🔸 Exchange rate calculator: Calculate up-to-date exchange rates for any currency. Know how much your money is really worth.
🔸 Formula for currency conversion: We do the math for you and convert your subscription costs automatically.
🔸 Monthly and yearly views: See your subscriptions in a monthly or yearly calendar view. Plan and budget better.
🔸 And more!
💡 Bonus: Step-by-step guide to help you set up and use the template.

Get It Now!

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