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Notebook OS

📝 Capture and Manage Your Notes in Notion

The Only Note-Taking App You'll Ever Need! 💯

🏢 Organize Your Life's Work in One Place

  • Create 🚀 quick notes, 🎤 voice notes or 📝 text notes
  • Classify and organize by 📓 notebook, 📌 topic, 🏷️ status, and more
  • Review 📚 archived, 🛑 on hold, 🏗️ in progress and ✔️ completed notes
  • Delete 🗑️ irrelevant notes and keep your system clean 🧼

💻 A Powerful Yet Simple Interface

  • Home page guide to get you started 🏠
  • Main dashboard gives an all-in-one view of your notes 📊
  • 🚶 Quick notes for on-the-go
  • Rich text notes with checklists, tables, images and more 💪
  • Notebooks and topics to group related notes 📚

🤝 6 Integrations to Enhance Your Workflow

  • 📅 Calendar: Create tasks and events from your notes
  • 🗃️ Files: Attach files from Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive
  • 📧 Email: Save important emails to your notes
  • 💬 Slack: Share notes and discussions with your team
  • 🐙 GitHub: Link code snippets and repos to your notes
  • 📋 Trello: Connect project boards and cards to your notes

🤔 Who is this for?

  • Note-takers: Capture your thoughts and ideas in one place
  • Writers: Outline books, articles and stories
  • Students: Organize course materials, assignments and study guides
  • Knowledge workers: Build a searchable knowledge base
  • Anyone who needs to take digital notes!

🎉 Buy Now!

Click here and start organizing your life's work in Notion today!

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