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Apr 25, 2023 01:46 PM
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Notion Health & Fitness OS

🎯 Achieve your fitness goals with ease and precision using Notion Health & Fitness OS. This all-in-one tool is designed to help you create challenges, set goals and personal bests, track your habits, and store your favorite workouts and recipes.

💪 Challenge Tracker:

  • Set time-based challenges
  • Create challenges for any activity or area
  • Track progress with timers & progress bars

🏆 Goals & Milestones:

  • Set yearly goals
  • Schedule deadlines
  • Record personal bests

🗓️ Workout Tracker:

  • Track habits daily & weekly
  • View overall progress quickly
  • Customize habit strictness
  • Create & track workouts remotely on the Notion app 📱

Who's this template for?

  • Feeling stuck or bored with your fitness journey?
  • Not seeing the results you want?
  • Like to challenge yourself and have ambitious health or fitness goals?
The Notion Health & Fitness OS is the all-in-one tool for you!

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