Notion Template for Family Tree Database
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Notion Template for Family Tree Database

🎉Discover your family history like never before with this powerful Notion template!

Create a visual family tree that brings your loved ones together in one place.

📸 Personal Touch

Add photos of all your family members for a personal touch.

🌳 Organized Generations

Organize relatives into generations on your parents' and partner's side.

📅 Keep Track of Memories

Keep track of important life events and memories for each family member.

🤝 Relationships at a Glance

Easily see relationships at a glance with our unique formula and rollup system.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Valuable Insights

Start building your family tree today and gain valuable insights into your ancestry.

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This Notion template helps recreate a "Family Tree" structure in Notion. The unique set of Formulas and Rollups creates different generational layers for all your relatives, on both your parents' side and on the side of one's partner. Add your own pictures to easily customize the workspace, by creating a visual gallery of your close one's faces.
Yassen Shopov

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Yassen Shopov