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Notion Entrepreneur's Tookit

🚀 Everything You Need to Build Your Startup & Online Business 🤖 Save 200+ hours with 800+ handpicked tools & resources. Tailored for your needs. So you can focus on building what you love! 💗

Why Use Entrepreneur's Toolkit?

💼 Get guidance & mentorship (Join 25+ free biz communities!) ⏰ Stop wasting time finding the "right" tools - save hundreds of hours (800+ resources tailored to you) 👨‍💻 Start building (without coding, 250+ no-code tools) 💰 Get funding (Connect with 45k+ investors) 🔨 Focus on building, not on finding tools (we've got the tools you need) 📣 Get noticed (Share your startup on 35+ platforms)

What's In It For You

💪 23 actionable tips to boost your mental health (for real!) 👥 Community building guide 📚 Books from Tim Ferriss's podcast (rare gems!) 📖 100s of books on startups, business & entrepreneurship by founders & makers 💻 200+ open-source platforms for apps & sites (save $1,023/year on subs!) 💸 Connect with 45k+ investors for funding 📧 Get your prospects' emails & close more deals 💻 Free SaaS startup valuation ⌨️ 250+ no-code tools 🚀 35+ places to share your startup 👥 25+ free communities for startup founders & entrepreneurs 🛠️ 117 app & website building tools 🌐 200+ web3 resources
And so much more... 🤯

Who Is This For?

👨‍💼 Indie Entrepreneurs 👨‍💼 Solopreneurs 👨‍💼 Startup Founders 👨‍💼 Small Business Owners

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Written by

Shailja Dwivedi