The Book Worm - Notion Book Tracker Template


The Book Worm - Notion Book Tracker Template
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The Book Worm - Notion Book Tracker Template 📚

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📖 Keep track of your reading progress with The Book Worm - Notion Book Tracker Template. This template is perfect for avid readers who want to track their progress and thoughts as they read their favorite books while enjoying relaxing music!


📌 Add notes as you read to keep track of your thoughts
📌 Keep your memory sharp with custom reminders
📌 Stay organized with all your titles, authors and progress in one place
📌 Say goodbye to library late fees
📌 Progress tracker to stay motivated and on track with your reading goals

What's Included:

📚 Your bookshelf dashboard at a glance
📚 Progress tracker to see how many books you've read and what you still have on your wishlist
📚 Add notes as you go along
📚 A relaxing music playlist
📚 Reminders tracker for revisiting notes and action items
📚 Library card to never forget to return books on time
📚 Reading challenges to consistently improve your habits

Who is this for:

  • Readers of all ages wanting a better way to keep track of their reading list.
  • Students looking for a book and content tracker to keep track of the books they need to read for school.
  • Parents or guardians wanting to help their child develop healthy reading habits.
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