1 Year Transformation Board
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Jan 8, 2023 09:31 PM
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Manifest Your Dreams This Year With The 1 Year Transformation Board 🎉

🔍 Gain laser-focus on what really matters to you. Stop wasting time and start living intentionally.
🚀 Break down big goals into bite-sized actions. No more feeling overwhelmed by what's in front of you.
🎯 Experience the satisfaction of progress. Watch your life transform as you achieve more and more each day!

How It Works

1️⃣ Define your yearly goals. What do you want to accomplish in health, wealth, relationships and personal growth?
2️⃣ Break goals into quarterly milestones. Outline what specifically needs to get done each quarter to achieve your yearly goals.
3️⃣ Determine monthly objectives. Turn quarterly milestones into actionable steps to take each month.
4️⃣ Assign weekly tasks. At the start of each week, decide what needs to get done to achieve your monthly objectives.
5️⃣ Review and repeat! Take time each week to review your progress and make adjustments as needed. Consistency is key!

What's Included

📊 An intuitive dashboard to track your goals, milestones and tasks.
📅 Templates to help you set effective yearly, quarterly and monthly goals.
📝 A weekly review section to stay on track and make progress each week.
🏆 Guidance for how to actually achieve your goals and transform your life.
🆕 Lifetime access to updates and new features. We're always improving!
🎁 Stop dreaming and start achieving. Grab your 1 Year Transformation Board today for only $19 and transform the next 365 days of your life!
If you really focus your mind for the coming year on accomplishing the goals you set, this digital intuitive lightweight Dashboard made with love in Notion, serves as your personal assistent on that journey. Provides direction, clearer focus on what is important, clarity in decision making, gives you control of your future, provides motivation, gives you a sense of personal satisfaction and a sense of purpose in life.

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