Crypto & NFT Tracker [Notion]

Crypto & NFT Tracker [Notion]

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Crypto & NFT Tracker [Notion]

🚨Track Your NFTs & Cryptos!🚨

💰See their current prices and value💰

🛠️Your Easy-to-Use Tool for Keeping Tabs on Your Digital Assets🛠️

  • 📈Real-time prices for all your cryptos and NFTs
  • 📊An overview of your entire crypto portfolio
  • 📝Records of all your crypto buys and sells
  • 🖼️A gallery of your NFT collection
  • 📜A wishlist for mints you're eyeing
  • 📣Alerts about upcoming sales, events, and updates
  • 📚Step-by-step guidance to get started
  • 🔍And more!

Designed With Your Needs in Mind. ❤️

Never again wonder what your NFTs and cryptos are worth or miss out on a sale! The Crypto & NFT Tracker Dashboard gives you all the info you need in one place. 💯

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