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Simple Project 50 Tracker

🎉 Want to finally achieve your goals and build positive habits? Look no further than the Simple Project 50 Tracker! 🤩

What is Project 50? 😊

The Project 50 challenge is a 50-day commitment to change your life. 🤔 It's a way to hold yourself accountable for the goals you want to achieve.
To complete the #Project50 challenge, you'll need to do the following tasks for 50 days in a row:
  • ☑️ Wake up before 8 am
  • ☑️ Deep work for 1 hour
  • ☑️ Morning routine
  • ☑️ Read 10 pages
  • ☑️ Exercise for 1 hour
  • ☑️ Healthy diet
  • ☑️ Daily journal

What's included in the template? 🤩

The Simple Project 50 Tracker helps you keep track of the tasks in the #Project50 challenge on a daily basis. This template was created with beginners in mind, so it's easy and intuitive for everyone to use.
  • ☑️ Dashboard to track all Project 50 goals
  • ☑️ Daily goal tracker
  • ☑️ Visual progress bar for your goals
  • ☑️ Pre-filled templates for Days 1-50
  • ☑️ Summary progress tracker
Get started today and achieve your goals with the Simple Project 50 Tracker! 💪

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