Notion for Real Estate Investors and Landlords
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May 14, 2024 01:57 PM
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Notion for Real Estate Investors and Landlords

Self-managing Real Estate can be stressful. 😬 Combining self-managed Real Estate with no proper management system can cause severe anxiety attacks. 😰
👉 But I offer a solution for self-managed real estate investors and landlords.
💡 The solution is a proper management tool for key areas of your real estate business: finances, expenses, tasks, vendors and contractors.
👍 Any system is 100x better than no system. Using a good system will continue saving you time and money every day.
🔧 I can help you set up a great real estate management system or you get your money back.
👉 What to expect from this service?
🔑 Immediately, we'll set up the Notion version of the property management system. 👨‍🏫 I'll guide you through setup and teach you how each part of the template works. 👀 You'll get an instant overview of key areas: finances, maintenance and people. 📚 You'll learn basic accounting and bookkeeping for your real estate business. 👍 You'll stop dreading tax season because you simply won't have any problems. 💰 You'll immediately feel how your business is changing for the better.
📝 Let's look closer at what you'll get from this coaching package.

Plan of action:

Step 1: Purchase this package.

Step 2: Within 72 hours, we'll schedule a 90-minute screen share.

Step 3: We'll set up the management system on your Notion account ($3,300 Value)

Step 4: We'll review each feature, page, database and view.

Step 5: You'll enter your data into the databases.

Step 6: We'll schedule another 60-minute session to review any questions.

Step 7: We'll address any concerns and modify the app to your needs.

Step 8: 14 days after purchase, we'll schedule a final 90-minute screen share to address any questions and optimize the app further.

🔧 With this package, you'll receive a Team copy of iManage! - iManage! - All-in-One Property Management Tool (5-users licenses).
✅ iManage! is the best real estate management software available.
📝 Here are the best iManage! features:
  1. Landlord software built with Notion
  1. Property Portfolio - Complete overview of your properties
  1. Maintenance - Manage projects, tasks and to-do lists
  1. Transactions - Income and expenses for each property
  1. Contacts - Save all company and people info
  1. Leases - Details for each lease agreement
  1. Bills - Control recurring bills for each property
  1. Contractors - Access all contractor info
  1. Insurance - Monitor all insurance policies
  1. Taxes - Import transactions for tax estimates
💰 With purchase, you have a Full Money-Back Guarantee. If unsatisfied with my services, within 7 Days you can request a refund.

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Ian Dikhtiar

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Ian Dikhtiar