Movie & TV Series Library (Notion Template)


Movie & TV Series Library (Notion Template)
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May 14, 2024 01:57 PM
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Movie & TV Series Library (Notion Template)

🎬 Keep track of everything you've watched, are watching, and want to watch.
💥 What's included:
  • 📺 Two templates: Movie Library and Series Library
  • 🌗 Light and dark mode
  • 📝 Watched, Watchlist and Favorites pages
  • 📅 Movie Calendar
  • 🎥 100+ prefilled movies and shows
🤯 What you can do:
  • 🗂 Organize into 20 categories
  • 🎥 Filter by streaming platform
  • ⭐️ Rate and review your watches
  • 🔍 Sort by title, rating or watch date
  • 📅 Set release reminders
  • ❤️ Favorite your top picks
📺 Never forget what you've watched or miss what you want to see again! This template is your new binge-watching buddy.

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About the Product

Keep track of everything you've watched, are watching, and want to watch with the Movie & TV Series Library Notion Template. This template includes two templates, light and dark mode, watched, watchlist, and favorites pages, a movie calendar, and over 100 prefilled movies and shows. Organize your movies and shows into 20 categories, filter by streaming platform, rate and review what you've watched, sort by title, rating, and watch date, set release reminders, and set your favorite titles. This template is perfect for anyone who loves movies and TV shows and wants to keep track of their viewing history.

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