📖 AirBnb Welcome Book Manager by iManage!


📖 AirBnb Welcome Book Manager by iManage!
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📖 AirBnb Welcome Book Manager by iManage! 😎

Welcome book management made easy! 🤩

Perfect for Short-Term Rental Hosts

Are you tired of spending hours creating and managing welcome books for your short-term rental units? The AirBnb Welcome Book Manager is here to make your life easier!

Create Customized Welcome Books for Your Units

With this template, you can easily create custom welcome books for each of your rental units - both printed and digital versions. Include all the essential information your guests need, such as unit information, house rules, check-in/check-out instructions, and more. You can even add a thank you note, discount code, and request for reviews.

Printed and Digital Versions

Choose how you want to share your welcome books with guests. You can print them out or send them electronically - it's up to you!

Give Your Guests the Best Experience

Your guests will appreciate having all the essential information they need in one convenient place. You can save time on managing your welcome books, which allows you to focus on other aspects of running your short-term rental business.

Customizable Template

The AirBnb Welcome Book Manager is a customizable template that includes all the information you need to include in your welcome book. Add your unit information, house rules, check-in/check-out instructions, and more into the template. Adding new units is as easy as duplicating the template and making changes as needed.


  • Welcome books Notion template for short-term rentals • My Properties and Units Database • Send a digital version of the welcome book to visitors • Create a printed version to leave in the unit • Add a welcome message, house rules, and essential information • Add check-in and check-out instructions • Add thank you note, discount, and ask for reviews

Simplify Your Welcome Book Management Process

The AirBnb Welcome Book Manager is perfect for: • Airbnb hosts who want to simplify their welcome book management process. • Property managers who want an easier way to manage their rental units. • Short-term rental owners who want a convenient way to create and manage their welcome books.

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