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🚀 Find Your Dream Job with One Click Work Finder OS!

Are you tired of jumping between job boards and searching online for job opportunities? Look no further! One Click Work Finder OS helps you find and apply for hundreds of relevant jobs suited to your skillset straight away!
Choose from 24 professionally designed CV templates, resumes, reference documents, and ensure you’re applying the right way with checklists. Keep track of all applications and developments for the positions you apply for with the up-to-the-minute Job Application Tracker.

📚 Google Dork & Advanced Operator Catalog

Stop rummaging through traditional job boards! I’ve created databases of Google dork and advanced searching queries that let you find jobs instantly. Just click the links and beat the pack to find work on:
  • ATS'/Hiring boards (Workable, Lever, Greenhouse, Breezy, etc.)
  • Socials (Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit)
  • Google (hidden jobs that go beyond the standard search)
  • Request for Proposals
  • Job Boards
The databases in the catalogue cover jobs and opportunities across industries such as:
  • Design (Graphic Design & UI/UX)
  • Writing (Copywriting & Content Writing)
  • Mobile Development (iOS & Android)
  • PHP (Laravel, WordPress, Drupal)
  • Web Dev (Front End, Back End, Full Stack)
  • Python (Django & Flask)
I’ve included instructions on how to tailor it to other fields of work and preferences with ease.

📝 24 Page Professional Resume, Cover Letter & References Bundle

  • CVs: I've included seven professional resumes made in Notion that can be shared directly to employers. They are all formatted so you can pick and choose or combine them according to the opportunities you've applied for.
  • Cover Letters: To showcase why you're the one to fulfill the role and opportunity, each CV includes a corresponding and properly prepared Cover Letter and References List.
  • Resume, Cover Letter and References Application Documents Repository: You can access and store all of your resumes and related documents in the repository, so you can maintain and update them quickly.
  • Application and Cover Letter/References Checklist: I've provided a checklist to ensure your applications, procedures, CV, Cover Letters, and Resumes are filled out correctly and you’re ready for any interview situation.

🛤️ Job Applications Tracker

Staying organized is of utmost importance when job hunting, but often overlooked. With the Job Application Tracker, you can log the organizations and status of jobs you’ve applied to at them, along with ancillary notes and more.
Don't let your dream job slip away! With the One Click Work Finder OS, you can quickly identify opportunities that fit your talents and are equipped with the tools to apply for them in an instant.

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Ric Arthur