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Apr 24, 2023 04:22 PM
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Notion Trading Workspace: A Comprehensive Template for Day Trading 📈💰

Looking for an ultimate tool to track every trade and monitor your performance over time? Notion Trading Workspace is the perfect solution for you.

💻 Trading Tracker

Journal and monitor every trade with this trading tracker.

💰 Account Balance Monitoring

Easily track your finances with account balance monitoring. It also allows adding multiple accounts.

📊 Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Account Statistics

Track your best trades and identify trends with daily, weekly, and monthly account statistics.

📈 Monthly and Yearly Performances

Evaluate your overall progress with monthly and yearly performances.

🛠️ Setup Analysis

Refine your strategies and boost your profits with this setup analysis tool.

📝 Task Management and Priorities

Optimize your time management with task management and priorities.

🔄 Automated Recurring Habits

Streamline your trading routine with automated recurring habits.

📉 Automated Daily Pre-Market Analysis and Review

Make informed decisions with automated daily pre-market analysis and review.
Get Notion Trading Workspace now and level up your day trading game today.
Disclaimer: This product does not provide any strategy or idea for making decisions in financial markets or personal finance. No page, database, or information provided by the model should be used to make investment decisions.

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