Online Shopping List Notion Template


Online Shopping List Notion Template
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🛍️ Add the things you want to buy to this database to become a more mindful shopper!

Are you tired of impulse buying and overspending? Do you want to be more mindful about your shopping habits? Look no further than the Online Shopping List Notion Template!

How to Use 👍

  1. Download the Notion Web Clipper Chrome extension 💻
  1. Use the extension to add items to your shopping list database with ease 🛒
  1. Organize your list by dragging links from "no tag" to "undecided" ✅
  1. Add prices to your items to keep track of your budget 💵
Download for free by putting 0 in the price box, or tip an amount of your choice. 🤝
Don't let overspending and impulse buying control your life. Take control of your shopping habits and become a more mindful shopper with the Online Shopping List Notion Template.

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