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⚡️ Obsidian Life OS

🔍 Are you tired of integrating multiple templates to build your ideal Notion workflow? Obsidian Notion Template is the solution!
👨‍💼 Created by Deepak, a product manager at an IoT startup in New Delhi and freelance UI/UX designer, Obsidian Life OS is designed for individuals who struggle with time management, juggling tasks, resources, planning, clients, data, projects, communication, and personal growth, health, and wellness.
🚀 With Obsidian Life OS, you can save time, be more productive, and maintain balance. The all-in-one personal workflow system for Notion includes important management and tracking systems you need to focus on what really matters.
🎯 Obsidian Life OS will help you:
  1. Gain insight into your life and take action to improve it
  1. Organize and centralize your life to boost productivity
  1. Develop continuous self-improvement practices
🤝 Your outcomes depend on your systems, not your goals. You've been taught to see life in fragments, unable to see the big picture. But it's not too late. You can learn to understand the invisible forces connecting everything. Then you can apply those insights to build systems that help you live better.
🧠 OBSIDIAN - OS PHILOSOPHY Life is a series of patterns. The more we observe and analyze them, the more we understand how the world works. A key insight of systems thinking is that networks are a pattern common to all life. Obsidian OS is designed around these patterns and how each component works together as a "second brain".
📊 What's included:
  • 30+ template sections
  • 200+ resources
  • 20 widgets (with setup guide)
  • Minimal icon library (light and dark)
  • Document library (agreements, proposals, templates)
  • Notion setup guide
👁️ Detailed overview:

Plan Area

🎯 Goals - Set and map goals 💡 Brain dump - Capture and filter ideas 📝 Bucket list - Create and manage your bucket list

Work Area

👥 Clients - Manage leads, clients, and projects 🔨 Projects - Manage tasks, projects, and resources 📚 Resources - Store docs, meeting notes, and templates

Review Area

💰 Finances - Track income, expenses, and invoices 🏋️‍♂️ Health - Plan workouts, track health stats, and build routines 📚 Learn - Discover, track, and review fields of study and courses

Track Area

🔢 Habits - Dynamic habit tracker 🍽️ Diet - Log meals, track nutrition, and save recipes 📚 Reading - Track books, articles, podcasts, and movies

Extras Area

👤 Personal space - Profile, CV, portfolio, and social media 📓 Notebook - Unstructured notes and journal 🚀 Shortcuts - Quick reminders, schedules, and input 🗂️ Database - Store all your databases in one place

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Get your ultimate template now and start saving time, being more productive, and maintaining balance with Obsidian Life OS.

Written by

Deepak yadav