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Jan 11, 2023 04:26 PM
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Meeting OS

🎉 Capture and Manage your Meetings in Notion 🎉
An heavily integrated and aesthetic 😍 meetings system that centralizes all your meetings, transcripts, and notes into your digital workspace.

How does it work? 🤔

1️⃣ Connect your Calendly account with Google Calendar 2️⃣ Connect Google Calendar with Notion and that's how you sync your meetings 3️⃣ Share your Book a meeting! or Calendly link to schedule your meetings automatically. 4️⃣ Manage all your meetings with your Meeting Calendar, create reminders and manage their status. 5️⃣ Capture and manage your notes with your Meeting Notes database, choose between 9 predefined templates or create your own. 6️⃣ Connect your Tactiq account with Notion to synch your meeting Transcripts inside your Meeting Notes database.

What's included? 📦

  • Home page with guide • Meeting Notes • Meeting Calendar • Transcripts • 9 meeting notes templates • Scheduling page • 3 integrations ... and a lot more!

Who will benefit from this? 🤝

  • Busy professional 👔 • Teams 👥 • Startups 🚀 ... or anyone with the need to manage their meetings!

Buy now! 💰

Buy now and get started with Meeting OS, the ultimate meetings system that will help you capture and manage all your meetings, transcripts, and notes in one place!

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