Anyone Can Build a Notion Template Side Hustle


Notion Template Side Hustle

Passive Income

Anyone Can Build a Notion Template Side Hustle
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Build a -4,000month side hustle income in the next 6 months (Even with a full time job, no prior knowledge, skills, experience or startup costs).png
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Notion Template Side Hustle
Passive Income
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May 14, 2024 01:57 PM
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Anyone Can Build a Notion Template Side Hustle 🤑

The Opportunity

Learn to make money online by creating and selling Notion templates and generate more than $4000+/month in passive income.

Why You're Not Making Passive Income Yet 🤔

If you have a brain, a computer and internet, why aren't you already adding $4,000 of passive income to your bank account every month? You think you need to “become rich”, so that’s what you’re chasing. That's probably the reason you're not already seeing an influx of passive income.

Start Small

What would an extra $500/month do to your finances? How would life look with $1,000 extra coming in consistently every month? How would having the security of a $2,000 income stream benefit you?

Don't Rely on Your 9-5 Income

Right now, you're probably relying on your 9-5 income for financial comfort. It's safe and familiar. But it's also why broken homes, divorces and financial ruin take place. If something unexpected happens and your only source of income vaporizes, what then?

The Real Hack to Have a Great Life

Having a nest egg. A stash of money that you've saved up to take you through tough times.

The Solution

Learn how to create and sell Notion templates and start your journey towards financial freedom. With no prior knowledge of internet money, you can launch your first digital product and make money online.

Start Your Side Hustle Today! 💸

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Digital Creator. Building Notion templates. Helping you do more with no-code.