😶‍🌫️ ADHD Life Planner 3.0
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😶‍🌫️ ADHD Life Planner 3.0

Get Organized, Boost Productivity, and Improve Your Well-Being

If you're tired of feeling overwhelmed, out of control, and like you're constantly playing catch up, it's time for a change. The ADHD Life Planner can help you regain control of your life and finally start living the life you want.
With the ADHD Life Planner, you'll be able to:
🎯 Get things done with a FOCUS mode - Set "Focus" on one project at a time to regain control of your To-Do list and avoid distractions.
📖 Improve your mental health by journaling and self-reflecting - Keep a daily journal to identify negative thought patterns and work on reframing them.
💵 Save more money with a simple budgeting tracker - Easily track your income and expenses to see where your money is going.
🔁 Never forget a bill again with recurring transactions - Keep track of all your bills in one place and set up automatic payments for peace of mind.
Become more disciplined with your projects - Proper project planning will help you stay on track and actually finish your projects.
🌄 Conquer your mornings with a solid routine - Track your morning routine and make sure you're sticking to it with the habit tracker.
😁 Look for patterns in your mood swings - Track your moods day by day to identify triggers and work on avoiding them.
🏃‍♂️ Build better habits to improve your overall well-being - Keep track of your progress and hold yourself accountable with the habit tracker.
🎁 BONUS: Get 15 free eBooks with this template - Access books and articles covering topics like productivity, goal setting, time management, and more.
This planner is a blessing for you if you...
👉 Overthink 👉 Procrastinate 👉 Lose track of time 👉 Feel overwhelmed 👉 Struggle to save money 👉 Constantly disorganized 👉 Always forget to pay bills 👉 Notice low productivity 👉 Have random mood swings 👉 Difficulty sticking to a budget 👉 Difficulty focusing on one task 👉 Feel like your life is a mess 👉 Frustrated with your To-Do list 👉 Spend a lot of money impulsively 👉 Feel like you can't keep up with life 👉 Have many projects you struggle to manage 👉 Can’t seem to find anything when you need it 👉 Can’t consistently commit to a morning routine 👉 Constantly starting new projects and not finishing them 👉 Subscribe to apps and services and forget to cancel them
This planner is useful to people of different professions and lifestyles:
👉 People with ADHD or executive functioning difficulties 👉 Students who need help with focus and concentration 👉 Anyone who struggles with impulsively spending money 👉 Entrepreneurs who are working on multiple projects at once 👉 Working professionals who have difficulty managing their time 👉 Busy moms who need assistance with organization and routines 👉 Anyone who wants to improve their productivity and overall well-being

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Ian Dikhtiar

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Ian Dikhtiar

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